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Our warm and engaging style has been
enthusiastically received and our
workshops are tailored around your
organisation's individual needs.

We focus on communication and finding
solutions together with your group to the
challenges facing both your staff and
your customers.

Your business benefits from improved
customer care, greater customer loyalty
and better staff recruitment and
We work with all ages, from Primary
school children to colleges and with
teachers and other school staff too.

Our friendly and practical approach aims
to make everyone comfortable
discussing the subject of disability and
how it affects us all.

By becoming more aware of the issues
that disabled people face, children grow
up with a greater understanding and feel
more able to interact with the
community around them.
Pippa's speaking reputation has led to her being
keynote speaker at many events from
conferences to school awards days. We offer
inspirational speeches from the heart, on the
subjects of success and setbacks along with
disability and determination. 

We also provide coaching and mentoring
services to provide support to staff, pupils and
colleagues. Well supported people achieve more
and we can help them prepare and plan for self
improvement. We aren't afraid to tackle those
awkward subjects, disability related or not.

Elephant in the Room offers training and workshops co-
hosted by a Paralympian and a World Class coach who  
both have extensive mentoring and presentation  

We have first hand knowledge from across the globe, of  
living and working with disability, and use our  
experiences to offer a style of disability awareness  
training that you won't find anywhere else.
Disability Awareness Training & Motivational Speaking
Pippa and Tim, co-presenters, part of the award-winning
Sport Wales
'Behind Every Star' campaign.
Disability Awareness Training & Motivational Speaking
Elephant in the Room comprises a unique partnership which combines knowledge, experience and a compassionate approach to a subject area which many shy away from for fear of offence.

Our sessions  discuss ways of thinking and working towards greater disability awareness in society and challenge attitudes as well as inform.

Sessions are very interactive and always interesting.
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