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Full / Half Day
A half day gives you around 3 hours of training time and a full day around 6 hours. Both broadly cover the same format but a full day allows us to do
more in the way of workshops and to cover subjects in more depth.  The training is designed to increase confidence and leave employees able to
provide quality service to all. We cover good communication skills and discuss behaviour in a friendly, relaxed and open way.

All of our training is done at a venue to suit you (normally your workplace).

We cover many of the following topics during sessions:

          ·Practical advice on working with and meeting people with disabilities.
          ·Invisible as well as visible disabilities.
          ·Interactive workshops designed to challenge and address perceptions.
          ·Group 'breakout' sessions on interesting questions
·Simple solutions to physical challenges
          ·Allowing open and honest discussion of what are considered to be the awkward questions.
          ·Access issues and how they might be overcome - even in seemingly impossible situations.
          ·Effective communications.
          ·Understanding that mistakes can be key in reflection and improvement
          ·The Equality Act 2010 and discussion regarding it's importance.
          ·Recognise and understand humour in awkward situations.
          ·Dealing with conflict if things go wrong.
          ·Empowering staff to respect others views with regard to disability and beyond.
          ·Confidence in day to day life with disability influenced situations.

All sessions are tailored for your specific organisation with an ideal group size of around 20. We are able to cater for much larger and smaller
groups - just let us know. Handouts are supplied and certificates can be arranged.

Fees are individually agreed following discussion of your specific requirements, however we have a policy of quoting a maximum price for each
package so that you know you will never pay more. Please contact us for a tailored quote and to see what we can do to help you.
Contact us to discuss your session
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