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"Pippa and Tim's easy going knowledgable approach made this course a pleasure to attend.
Whilst it certainly shouldn't be the case, the subject of disability can be a taboo filled
minefield where everyone is too afraid of 'saying the wrong thing'. Elephant in the Room made
it clear from the outset that the session would be an open, trusting forum where any question
could (and maybe even should) be asked without fear of feeling stupid, or the dreaded 'D'
word - discrimination. At the same time, this process made it all too clear how easy it can be
to discriminate and how shockingly often discrimination occurs; yet also how easy it can be to
prevent discrimination in the first place and the enormous benefits to society if we can all
just be that little bit more aware of the challenges presented to those with disabilities by
everyday life. I know my staff and I were inspired by this course and I cannot recommend it

Paul R., Assistant Manager, Her Majesty's Theatre, London.

"It's the first time any speaker has moved me to tears
....truly inspirational!"
Lily____ , Soroptimists International.
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...All staff and parents have commented to me on your speeches and the effectiveness of your team-working in delivering them..."

Mrs P., Headteacher, Newbridge School.
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"The purpose of the event was to raise [disability] awareness. It well and truly acheived its goal."

"We have had fab feedback from the staff - all feeling motivated and really enjoyed the day. A big thank you! - Neil G. (Cheshire & West Chester Council)

"Our staff conference appears to have been positively received by everyone. I wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you for all your hard work."- Nicola B. Bed ford College.

"We enjoyed your sessions, which were very well received by colleagues and have certainly raised awareness of this important topic." Nick....Gallions Housing Association.

"Thank you once again for your inspirational talk. Our members say in future they will think of your and realise with determination and commitment, adversity can be overcome"

Peter, Probus Club

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