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Sports Coach Training  
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Over a full or half day, we work with small or large groups of coaches covering many different subjects, from practical and logistical challenges
surrounding disability, to the emotional aspects of the subject which can (and does) affect both coach and athlete.  All sessions are tailored to
deliver a mix of interactive, theory and experience based resolution, ultimately designed to get people thinking "outside the box" to grow
confidence and knowledge in this area of expertise.

Some of the subjects that we cover are:

•  Pride and Passion - the way to the top is often "fogged" by Pride vs. Performance. Discussion and resolution based approach.

•  Empathy or Sympathy - discussing motivation for sport and inclusion.

•  The Perfect Model - a model to develop a squad/team from beginners to elite performers and the athlete's personal development,
through the system.

•  Disability Diversity - Personal experiences and discussion through group sessions.

•  Humour, Respect & Reward - are coaches involved with their team as a manager or as a member, and Is it possible to be both friend
and taskmaster?

•  Dealing with People - are we all the same? Differences in learning styles and coaching skills through effective communication.

Motivation & dealing with failure - We can't all win all the time, but how do you pick yourself up and carry on, or motivate another
person to do so?
Success breeds self-confidence - but what if you aren't successful - yet? There are techniques to help your athlete overcome those mental
boundaries that are stopping them from moving on and grow in confidence.

This is just a small list of subjects that we cover, but we can work with you to provide more individual sport specific items after consultation
with you. We can also discuss your venue and any challenges you may face in providing services to athletes with any kind of impairment.

Please contact us to have a chat and see how we can help you develop. Both Tim and Pippa are both Level 3 coaches with a full DBS check and
Pippa is also a fully qualified NLP Practitioner, which can give extra insight and value into these important sessions.

We have a policy of quoting the maximum fee so that you know that you will never pay any more. All sessions are bespoke and costs are not
finalised until we discuss your individual programme and outcome needs.
This is a half or full day covering all aspects of coaching people, not just for those with disabilities, but getting the most out of any athlete from beginner through to elite level. This is an area that we have great experience in and are passionate about passing on. Whilst physical talent is a good start, it is a person's mental approach that ultimately makes the difference between getting the gold medal or falling at the first hurdle. All sessions include numerous examples from the Paralympic world.
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