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Our normal booking procedure follows this pattern:

You contact us by email (elephantintheroom@gmx.com) or using our 'contact us' form and briefly explain what you need. We suggest email is best first contact as phones are often on silent while training!

We will mail back and ask when would be a good time to call you.

One of us will call you and find out exactly what you need or want. We will discuss prices at that time. We charge reasonable expenses and will try and give you a 'ball park figure' at that point. This gives you a chance to talk about budgets and to see if we need to adapt anything for you and to discuss possible dates (even if they are vague at this stage).

We follow this up with a written quotation and give you time to assess it, book meeting rooms etc. This quote is a maximum figure, so if our expenses are less (e.g. we get a cheaper hotel) we can then reduce the price in the final invoice.

If you are happy to proceed, we sort out exact dates and times etc, either by phone or email - whichever is most convenient.

About 4 weeks before the session, we will contact you to confirm the date and we will book hotels, train tickets etc at that time. Please note that in order to get cheapest prices to keep our expenses down, we might buy advance tickets and if you cancel or postpone a session after this time we reserve the right to pass on any losses incurred to you.

One week before the session, we contact you again to finalise what we need supplied - for example a projector and flipchart are useful but we can bring them if you do not have them. We confirm when we will arrive to set up and also send you electronic copies of handouts. We can supply printed copies, but there is a charge for our handout book per person (it's very comprehensive) and we find most companies prefer to print the number of copies they need for each session.

If you have to cancel after this date, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of half the session fee as well as any losses incurred for hotel bookings, tickets etc.

On the day of the session we try to arrive at your venue around 1 hour before we need to start. We provide a printed copy of the final invoice on the day, which gives you the opportunity to ask any questions. We also send an electronic copy if requested. The terms of our invoice are due on receipt and we prefer payment by BACS.

Any questions about our terms and procedures, please get in touch.

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