Tim has been one of Britain's most successful Paralympic Coaches
and during his tenure, his team won more medals in the sport of
archery than any other team in the World. In addition to disability
awareness training, he also uses his considerable people skills to
support comprehensive school pupils in a mentoring role, helping
them to reflect, grow and find their strengths. Originally from an
aerospace engineering background, his experience in finding
solutions to challenges of all kinds, makes him ideally suited to
thinking outside the box where disability is concerned. As a coach
he worked with athletes from all kinds of backgrounds, both
disabled and able-bodied and his friendly style lends itself well to
not just coaching and mentoring, but also presenting and
delivering workshops. Tim has a 'heart on sleeve' approach which
has widespead appeal.
Pippa is a double Paralympian and archer and attended both the
Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008, and London in 2012. She was
on the British disabled team for over 14 years and in that time
attended 6 consecutive World Championships and won a medal
at every one - a remarkable and record breaking achievement.
In addition to this she is a European silver medallist, holds 3
World Records and numerous national records. She is also on
the committee for the governing body of World Archery in the
role of para-athlete representative for archers all over the
world and is Chair of the Board of Disability Sport Wales. Her
background includes interviewing, teaching and presenting and
she has had counselling, coaching and mentoring training. Her
partnership with Tim is highly respected, both within archery
and the wider sporting community.
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