Our small business package is ideal for companies who only have a small number of employees, especially those who are customer facing. It is designed to give
your staff confidence in working with and interacting with disabled people. Ultimately this results in greater customer satisfaction and increased repeat
business and turnover. We are very aware that small businesses may have a limited budget and so always try to work with you to fit your needs and budget.

These 1 - 2 hour sessions are very interactive and contain a lot of group discussion and thought provoking, solution based activities, covering some of the
following topics.

          ·Practical advice on working with and meeting people with disabilities.
          ·Invisible as well as visible disabilities.
          ·Access issues and how they might be overcome - even in seemingly impossible situations.
          ·Effective communications.
          ·The Equality Act 2010 ( replaces most of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) from 1 October 2010).
          ·Confidence in day to day life with disability influenced situations.
          ·Dealing with conflict if things go wrong.

All sessions are tailored for your specific business. A group size of up to 5 is ideal, however smaller and larger groups can be catered for - please call us to
discuss your needs.
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Small Business or Big!  
If you are a Small Business, how about an hour or two?
If Bigger, why not book a Corporate Day?
We plan with you to put together a staff day where we help you design the perfect package for an interesting, informative and inspirational day. You simply decide which of the following types of elements you would like to add into your day and we construct a running order to suit you.

Disability Awareness is at the heart of our business and we can incorporate this in a hands on, interactive session, or a classroom session on the Equality Act.

It's not often that you can hear the inspirational life story of a Paralympic Athlete and we like to be able to devote enough time for you to hear the whole story.

An exciting element that we can offer depending on your physcial surroundings is an archery demonstration by a Paralympic archer and coach. Everyone will have the opportunity to see the skills and the equipment first hand, as well as being able to ask as many questions as they wish.

We can deliver motivational speeches and these sessions, where we compare business with Elite sport, are these ideal for corporate days .

This is a cost effective solution to any company who wants to provide disability awareness training and more to their colleagues. By combining individual elements, we can keep the costs down for you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to have a chat about what kind of package we can put together for you. We talk to all age groups and people from all walks of life. We feel that we can inspire any audience to great things in their own lives.
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