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Teachers, Coaching & Mentoring 
Coaching and mentoring are just two ways of providing support to staff, pupils and colleagues in all areas of your organisation.

It has been shown that well supported people achieve more and we offer a service for organisations, schools and colleges to tackle subjects that are difficult to talk about and develop both individuals and groups, helping them prepare and plan for self improvement. We aren't afraid to tackle those 'sticky' subjects, whether disability related or not.

These sessions are bespoke and after an initial session, can provide support on an ongoing basis by email, phone or in person.

Please contact us to have a chat and see how we can help you develop.

All sessions are bespoke and costs are not finalised until we discuss your individual programme and outcome needs.
Coaching and Mentoring

This is an example teacher training session but each session is tailored to the individual school's needs and is agreed in advance.

Our work and how it involves everyone.
          o  Description of EitR
          o  Outline of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ words
          o  Establishment of safe environment where no one is judged and there is no ‘wrong’ thing to say.

Self awareness and the disabled child
          o  Presentation including do’s and don’ts
          o  Basic disabled etiquette skills
          o  Awareness of the disabled parent

Inclusion vs. Exclusion - discussion group
          o  Reason for including or excluding children (generated by group)
          o  Coping strategies & practical solutions in areas such as
                    §  Playground time
                    §  Classroom groups & sessions
                    §  School trips
                    §  PE/sports sessions
                    §  Sports days

Q&A session
Teacher Training
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